Advanced Modules

This page displays a selection of our optional Advanced Modules, which focus on specific genres. These are available to be purchased after you have successfully completed the first two assignments. Each Advanced Module contains one module and one assignment. A certificate of achievement can be downloaded once the assignment is successfully completed.

SketchUp For Interior Designers


SketchUp is an easy to use, powerful tool for interior designers. 

The ability to clearly communicate design ideas to clients is a necessary skill for all interior designers and decorators. Whether you are designing a simple furniture layout or a complex floorplan, the use of 3D modelling/rendering software makes the communication and presentation of ideas and designs more efficient for the designer and easier for clients to comprehend.

This SketchUp Advanced Module is suitable for beginners and includes downloadable reading material with over 30 video tutorials!

The price of this Advanced Module does NOT include the software. We recommend you use the free trial first and then purchase the software once the trial ends.

Please note that this module is written based on the PC (Windows) interface for SketchUp. External tutorials to guide Mac (Apple) users will be provided.

AutoCAD for Interior Designers (PC)


Take your interior design skills to another level by learning AutoCAD - the industry leader for computer aided design.

In this easy to follow module, author Leigh Romanello will teach you all you need to know about AutoCAD.

The price of this Advanced Module does NOT include the software. We recommend you use the free trial first, then purchase the software once the trial ends.

Please note that this module is written based on the PC (Windows) interface for AutoCAD.

Business, Branding, Marketing & Social Media for Interior Designers


Dreaming of starting your own interior design business?

In this module, you will learn about the logistics of starting your own business and the process behind building your brand and marketing your business.

You’ll develop valuable skills for working with clients and establishing a professional reputation. In addition, you’ll learn the different ways of advertising your interior business, including building a website and using social media.

Home Staging & Property Styling


Home staging professionals are highly sought after to create homes that attract buyers and sell for the best price possible. Get ahead of your competition and offer another element to your interior design services with the help of this module.

Whether you want to learn how to stage your own listings or are ready to start your own staging business, this course will equip you with the tools and tips to become a successful property stylist!

Plant Styling & Landscape Design


This module will help you learn how plants enrich spaces and inspire you to get creative with greenery.

You will be taught how to create lush sanctuaries and reconnect with nature, curate design-savvy botanical solutions that inspire and invigorate, how to style with plants and create useful, practical outdoor spaces for relaxing, entertaining, playing and working.

Commercial Design


The demand for interior designers specialising in commercial design has risen in the last few years. This course provides the know-how and tools students need to take care of projects for hotels, restaurants, cafes, exhibition spaces, offices, retail venues and work in collaboration with real clients.

You will learn how to make commercial places stand out and gain valuable knowledge on how to operate a sustainable design practice. Stay one step ahead and learn everything about commercial design!

Kitchen & Bathroom Design


This module will help you explore the professional world of designing innovative, functional and phenomenal kitchens and bathrooms.

You will get access to all of the insider secrets and expert advice on how to design impeccable kitchens and bathrooms.

Discover the importance of layout, style and colour in a kitchen and bathroom design. You’ll learn which questions to ask clients before starting the process.

Setting Up Your Own Website


Our Advanced Module will teach you how to set up and maintain your own website to attract your ideal clients and display your work.

The author, Jason Marty, has years of experience in web and graphic design, working with a huge range of high profile clients. Jason has shared his expertise in an easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting you and your work seen online. The module is based on the Wordpress platform and uses the theme Chameleon.