Anél du Plessis

Enrolling in this course was one of the best decisions that I have made!

It has opened so many doors and gave me a solid foundation as a start-up interior designer. It gave me the confidence to stand on my own feet in the industry, and I have gained valuable skills.

The course was incredibly interesting, informative, and with a good balance of theory and practical knowledge. My tutor, the Facebook group, and the Student Support team were amazing - they provided such an astounding amount of support. You never feel overwhelmed with an extraordinary group of people who are so supportive.

Thank you to everyone who made my journey with The Interior Design Institute a memorable and phenomenal time that I am forever grateful for!

Anastassiya Matsenko

I loved this course!

This course gives a lot of knowledge, understanding about the Industry, an amazing opportunity to put your self to Interior Designer shoes & actually feel it. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to try yourself in this field or just do it as a hobby.

Thank you for the journey! I am confident to start my own path now!


Shahza Amina Siya

Choosing this course was one of the best and most productive decisions I have made.

If you're interested in Art, Architecture and Design, you have come to the right place.

In my personal opinion, this is the best Diploma course you can find online, because this course is easy, fast, enjoyable and convenient.

I've had a lot of fun during the journey and my tutor was helpful throughout the course.

I consider this course as a stepping stone to further my career. I'm going to do a course in AutoCAD and I aim make Interior Design my full time career option.

In other words, I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

Maylee Djamhur

I have thoroughly enjoyed completing the Interior Design Institute online course. I was able to work at my own pace and study around my full time work and social life. I have always been interested in interior spaces and how to make them work better and feel more comfortable. This was the perfect course to study from home to improve my abilities and obtain the required skills to create new spaces that are special and functional.

My tutor was available to answer every question I had, quickly and concisely. This made me confident in completing each assignment, which made it fun and also made me look forward to reading the notes after it was marked by my tutor.

I found all 12 modules interesting and have learnt so much not only about the history of interior design, but architecture around the world.

I recently met with a client who is requiring my services to design and decorate new buildings for show, both commercial and residential. I am extremely excited and have the confidence from this course to complete the job successfully.

This course has opened my eyes to all the things that make up a space. I am now constantly looking at my surroundings and observing every space I'm in. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has a passion for Interior Design as it provides all the information to acquire the skills to make a space unique as well as functional.

Charles Dominguez

The Interior Design Institute has given me the knowledge and courage to pursue my dream career of being a professional Interior Designer. The course has provided me with invaluable understanding of the Interior Design profession while allowing me to have hands on experience in designing and planning and interior space with the modules so expertly devised.

It was a tough 12 months, especially with it being an online course. You will be tempted to procrastinate, however, if your passion for Interior Design is true, you will find a way to complete the modules within the given time.

The assistance given to me by my tutor and the student support team were immensely helpful to understand the modules better. I felt comfortable asking my tutor any questions I had. The comments my tutor gave were constructive and concise, allowing me to better grasp the concept the modules taught me.

Joining the IDI social media sites gave me a sense of belonging as I found comfort in knowing there were people all over the world, of all ages, doing the same modules as I am. Exchanging design ideas, networking and inspiring each other, students like me greatly supported each other in the groups as we made our own individual way through learning the craft.

With the confidence I gained from the IDI course, I was able to acquire a job in an Interior Design firm and the knowledge I gained greatly assisted me with the projects I have been doing so far for the firm.

Robyn Mccormack

The Interior Design Institute provided a great framework for my first studies in the area of Interior Design and Decorating. The course instilled me with the confidence to start my own business and commit my career to the design industry.

I finished with renewed passion for the industry and a keen attitude to get in there and do it.

The tutors responded to my questions and delivered results promptly and consistently. The course covers all the necessary elements about Interior Design so you can get a feel for what areas will suit you best.

The online component makes the work easy and stress free. Going at your own pace means that you can study as much or as little as you like to complete your assignments in the timeframe that suits your lifestyle.

I recommend the course to anyone who is looking for that kick- start in a new career or a great guide to improving your own home as a hobby. I've already started my own business!

Kerry Quinn

Interior Design has been a passion I have longed to explore. I have spent most of my career in various sales roles, including three years as a legal recruitment consultant. I have always enjoyed looking at architecture, art and interior spaces.

I first thought about studying Interior Design after purchasing my house which required refurbishment and Interior Decoration work. I thought it would useful to have the technical knowledge and skills to transform the house into a beautiful home. Due to work commitments at the time I was unable to pursue any studies. However, last year I decided that life is too short to miss out on opportunities and it is imperative to follow your dreams and ambitions, thus prompting me to research potential online courses.

After reading the outline of the course and the testimonial page on The Interior Design Institutes' website, I just knew immediately that this was the right course for me.

I found the course comprehensive and thorough, leaving no stone unturned. This allowed me to gain employment within a residential interior design shop in the beginning, where I have benefited from having the opportunity to put colour schemes together. During the latter part of my course, I decided to approach a commercial design practice where I was successful in being offered a position. I believe the course has given me enviable experience and exposure to the world of residential and commercial interiors.

I have found the whole team a pleasure to deal with. The prompt response from the support team was especially impressive. Advice and feedback given to me from my wonderful tutor was really helpful and encouraging throughout the course, which enabled me to move onto the next module in confidence knowing I had truly understood the module and assignments required.

I am ecstatic about achieving my Diploma. Without this Diploma and experience of studying via distant learning, I would not have been able to realise my dream of becoming a professional Interior Designer.

I would recommend this course to any like-minded individuals thinking about studying through this method. My whole experience with The Interior Design Institute has exceeded my expectations of surpassing my goals of becoming qualified in the wonderful world of Interiors.

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